April 19, 2012

Weird Sea Creatures

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I was doing some research and I found some very strange sea creatures, both alive and extinct. Here are some of the things I found:


The Whorl Shark

The Whorl Shark is a type of extinct shark that lived 290 – 270 mya. Only fossils of this shark’s teeth have actually been found (above), and no one what the shark actually looked like, or even where the teeth came in the shark’s mouth.


Above is one of the first theories of what the shark looked liked. When it was first discovered, it was thought that the teeth might have been on the top jaw only or maybe even on both, but this theory isn’t very popular because the teeth probably would have caused too much drag.

Above is another theory of what the Whorl shark may have looked like, and this is currently the most popular theory. Scientists believe that this shark may have eaten soft creatures like squid. No other part of this shark apart from the teeth have ever been found, but Scientists hope that more, fuller fossils may be found so that we can know more about this strange shark.


Sea Pig

seapig Weird Deep Sea Creatures (60 images)

Sea pigs live on the deep ocean floor, usually over 1km below the surface. They eat dead plant and animal matter that they find in the mud of the ocean floor. They are often found together, sometimes with hundreds being found at one place.


Blob Fish


The Blob fish is another deep sea creature that is found off the shore of Australia. Because it lives so deep under the surface, it is rarely seen by humans. The blob fish’s skin is actually less dense than the water, which is how the blob fish floats. Because of the lack of muscle, blob fish mainly eat things that drift past them.



Lampreys are a type of jawless fish that lives mainly in coastal or fresh water. They have been on the earth for millions of years. Lampreys feed by biting into other creatues until they get to the blood and body fluids. Their size can be anywhere from 13 cm to 1m. In some countries, lampreys are considered a delicacy.


Strap-Toothed Whale

The Strap-Toothed whale is a type of beaked whale. Little is known of Beaked Whales. Male Strap-Toothed whales have large teeth (possibly bone) that strap around their jaws. Males of these species can therefore only open their mouths a little bit. Scientists are unsure of how they eat, but one theory is that when they open their mouths water is sucked in, as well as anything that might be in the water and is big enough to fit into the whale’s mouths.












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